Friday, 5 October 2012

Interior Thoughts - Wallpaper in Kitchens

I am very good at thinking and compiling ideas and not very good at sharing any of my thoughts and inspirations so end up not putting anything on my blog.  I have decided to change this and as well as showing my ongoing surface pattern designs.  I will try and show the things that inspire me particularly in Interiors.  Having been an Interior Designer for so long I would now like to share how I see pattern and colour. I love wallpaper and how the impact of using a design can change an interior dramatically.  My favourite places to use wallpaper are hallways and kitchens, not the typical places but I just love the way glimpses of different colours and patterns from room to room can really change the ambience of a home.

The following image featured in an on-line magazine creates a really dramatic and glamorous feel to an understated kitchen.  I love the fact by using a beautiful wallpaper you can transform a home.

Here are a few of my favourite wallpapers including the above that I would use within the kitchen to achieve a similar effect to the photograph above. Although there are now wallpapers specifically designed for kitchen use I have not had problems using any type of wallpaper as long as careful consideration is given to how it is used.

Images from left to right [1] [2] [3]  [4]

I do love the use of grey and black for a dramatic and luxurious effect, although personally I prefer the following image as I love the combination of the feminine colours in the wallpaper with the contemporary interior and kitchen. This stunning image and wallpaper can be found at Fromental

 I love the combination of a contemporary kitchen with floral wallpapers for a sophisticated bohemian style. This is the style that I am personally drawn to and one I am trying to achieve in my own surface pattern designs. Following  is a mood board to show the colours and wallpaper I would use in one of my favourite Plain English kitchens.

Images [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

A selection of alternative wallpaper ideas.

Images from left to right [1] [2] [3]  [4]

I am currently working on some designs that I would love to use as wallpapers in the same way as above and will share them here on my blog in the near future.


  1. Interesting post Phyllida, great to see these wallpapers in a context!!

  2. Love this post! It's just what I lack a bit – seeing the pattern in situ. Really like the floral wallpaper in the modern kitchen/staircase.

  3. What a fantastic post, Phyllida. So great to see your talents as an interior designer so gorgeously applied to the world of surface pattern design. Can't wait to see your own patterns as wallpapers.

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