Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Enchanted Forest Collection

There are very exciting times ahead for the UK fabric market with the launch of a new textile design company. Dashwood Studio  David Sweet the creative director intends to bring about a change to the UK quilting and craft market by introducing contemporary collections from British and European designers. David certainly knows a thing or two about this industry having been creative director for several years in America for P&B textiles. America as we know has many successful and big name brands in Bolt Fabrics with lots of these ranges heading to our shores and shops.  David believes that here in Britain, with all the great designers, there was the need for a contemporary British design studio where our retail stores and makers had the opportunity to support British designers.

The craft market has seen a great change over recent years with stylish magazines such as Mollie Makes creative companies such as Quincy Lampshades where you can attend courses to make your own lampshades and beautiful home craft books and ideas by stylist Sania Pell. Now there will also be new and modern fabrics for everyone to be inspired by and create with.

It is even more exciting for me as I was lucky enough to have my Enchanted Forest fabric collection previewed and ready to buy on the open days this weekend. Below is a montage of photographs of the collection that I took on the day.  For anyone interested in purchasing my fabrics please head over to  Dashwood Studio  for details.


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  2. Oh fantastic-congratulations! Love the squirrel lampshade!

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